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We aim to improve the life of people in need of assistance by offering adapted products that combine comfort and prevention and enable them to live and age peacefully in a secure environment.

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Approved and recommended products

We hold our Health Canada license. Recommended by the Association for Occupational Health and Safety in the social affairs sector (ASSTSAS), our evacuation cloths are recognized throughout Quebec for their efficiency and for their ergonomics that improve caregivers’ working conditions.

Many of our products have been in procurement agreements with the Department of Health and Social Services for several years.

Revolution Healthcare’s commitment

Becoming the Leader in Innovation for Healthcare equipment in Canada

+ In 2009, 1st prize for FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP in their first year. (CREC)

+ In 2013, start of research and development to prevent falls, wounds and improve surveillance.

+ In 2014, boost the autonomy of people in need of assistance through by distributing the Robotic Food Aid arm.

+ By 2015, launch of the world's fastest emergency evacuation cloth to save lives.

+ In 2017, we are proud to be the third country in the world to distribute the Nanobath! This revolutionary contactless bathing solution uses a nano technology, serving residents, caregivers and institutions in a eco-friendly and hygienic manner.

+ In 2017, we were nominated to the OCTAS for the IT network in 2017

+ Launch of the S-Cape-Kids: the emergency evacuation solution for babies

+ Launch of the fully-sealed preventive and curative Lentex mattress

+ The long-awaited arrival of Detexia: our comprehensive fall-and-wound preventive management solution, is scheduled for this winter. After 4 years of investment in R & D, our project should finally see the light. It will considerably reduce falls of the elderly.