Fall prevention


Nearly 30% of those aged 65 and above fall each year and 4% injure themselves seriously enough that it limits their everyday activities.

Revolution Healthcare is an expert that has been analyzing and designing technical aids to prevent falls since 2008.


How to prevent falls?

4 prevention programs are available to help you adopt safe behaviors to avoid falls.

+ The walking program

+ The balance program

+ The foot program

+The viactive program

Consult your nearest CLSC for details about the walk and balance programs. For more information on the foot and viactive programs, please contact the FADOQ. Learn more


A new solution to prevent falls developed in Quebec

For those who need assistance, a new fully-secure wireless prevention solution is available after a thorough field development and a monitoring of patient’s needs. Our Detexia solution notifies you when the user leaves their bed or their chair. You will be able to respond on time and meet their needs before any unfortunate incident occurs.

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