Auditing of your needs, consultancy, quotes, advice, technical support, customer services, trainings. Our team offers you many services to guarantee you peace of mind.

1- Risk and Needs Assessment

We take the time to understand your problems in order to advise you which products are best suited to your situation.

2- Private and personalized accompaniment of user needs and instructions

Make an appointment with one of our advisors for privileged advice and how to use the equipment.

3- Preventative maintenance of your equipment

A maintenance department for your equipment is available.

4- Training

To learn how to correctly use our products several trainings are available on videos, by Skype calls or directly at your office.

       + Lateral emergency evacuation for bedridden patients

       + Contactless bathing solutiont

       + Positioning and transfer

       + How to efficiently prevent falls and risks?

       + etc....

5- Fast delivery service

We keep most of our products in stock. Since its very beginning, Revolution Healthcare has been recognized for our speed. Try it out!

6- On-site installation

Our technical service can carry out unpacking, assembly and complete installation at the time of delivery. Find out about the costs.

7- Repair

A repair service is offered!


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