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When we select a product to market, we look at the benefits for patients, for their families, their caregivers and institutions. We strive to address your needs while increasing healthcare efficiency and return on investment.


Why do we revolutionize healthcare?

We are on the lookout for innovative products that help alleviate caregivers’ efforts and allow them to focus more on true priorities while improving their beneficiaries’ life quality. The technological innovations we offer revolutionize healthcare by sharing best practices. These improve autonomy, lifestyle, dignity and safety for patients and caregivers while maximizing your performance..

Each product is a revolution! 

+ Nanotechnology for bathing. This contactless bathing help is the newest addition to hygiene care. En savoir +

+ By preventing falls and wounds and improving surveillance, this IT solution revolutionizes mobility devices. Detexia brings peace of mind. Learn more  

+ The world's fastest evacuation solution for bedridden people thoroughly improves emergency evacuation plans for senior patients. A single caregiver can save lives! En savoir +

+The Automax and Aigo Handles maintain the patient’s remaining autonomy for as long as possible.

+ The most suitable positioning systems of the market reduce caregivers’ TMS.

+ Fully sealed Lentex mattresses prevent the spread of bacteria. Facilitate disinfection and prevent infections in your facility..

+ To restore autonomy and dignity of the patient, feeding is fully redesigned thanks to this robotic arm solution for meals.

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+ Our Solution - Contactless bathing help is revolutionizing the art of bathing

nw generation


Nano Bath is a totally innovative concept that improves the user’s well-being, their health and their caregivers’ interventions while in the meantime reducing musculoskeletal disorders. This innovative device partially or totally covers the patient and diffuses nano particles that elimintate dirt and deodorize the skin in a warm and pleasant environment. It can be placed directly in the patient's room or in a designated area. It minimizes movements, transfers and caregivers’ musculoskeletal disorders.


The effects of hyperfine Nano particles

nano particules

Removes dirt by penetrating deep into skin pores.

The process takes 15 minutes before the Nano particles reach the horny layer of the skin and stimulate abundant sweating of the entire body. The emulsified toxins are then simply removed with a clean towel.

Keep the body at an ideal temperature.

These Nano particles not only relax the patient but also keep their body hydrated. After the bath, the horny layer of the skin remains moist; this reduces the itching due to skin dryness, a frequent phenomenon after a certain age.

Comfortable environment.

The temperature inside the device is maintained between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius, providing the user with a physical and mental relaxation.

Hygiene and cleanliness guarantees..

The negative ions generated by the bathing help are essential to our well-being and beneficial to our health, while eliminating micro-organisms and smells.


Discover the new era of bathing

This new generation of bath, dedicated to people with poor autonomy, saves major operating costs for healthcare facilities. Our loved ones suffering from a loss of autonomy will enjoy a safe and stressfree hygiene care that doesn’t require water pressure. Patients are placed in a warm and pleasant environment where the water diffused by nano particles generate negative ions essential to the health. Long-term use is proven to have extremely positive effects on blood normalization, blood pressure, atopic dermatitis as well as strengthening the respiratory organs and preventing skin aging. The water delivered by the generator comes out into nano particles fine enough to penetrate cell membranes. Moreover this process hydrates, cleans and nourishes the skin.

Comfortably seated or simply lying down, the patient is placed in the clean and quiet cubicle. The nano-particles generated by the device penetrate deeply into the skin pores causing sweat glands to secret a micro-sweat that eliminate dirt and smells. These hyperfine nanoparticles not only relax the patient but also keep the body moist and therefore easy to dry when leaving the bath.

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+ The World's Fastest Evacuation Solution

This fast, safe and effective solution saves time and lives while reducing caregivers’ MSDs. Designed for people with a loss of mobility, our solution offers a revolutionary way to evacuate people in need of assistance. Tucked under the patient's mattress or integrated into a folding mattress hanging on the wall, the evacuation cloth is an easy-to-use preventive device that protects bedridden patients during their evacuation. This system saves time and improves evacuation conditions; it requires only one person to evacuate the patient. This solution is designed to preserve the caregiver from musculoskeletal disorders. In less than a minute, the patient is ready to be saved.