Our story

Since its creation in 2008, Revolution Healthcare has grown steadily. From the very beginning, our company has been recognized for its impeccable expertise and customer service. Always committed to the interests of those in need of assistance, we help prevent risks and aim to preserve their autonomy, well-being and dignity.

In the early years, much time was spent collecting information and assessing needs. Revolution Healthcare has invested in Research and Development to design new preventive solutions and to adapt technologies that help our population to age safely and securely.

We rely on technology to revolutionize healthcare practices in varied settings. We manufacture, import and distribute fully innovative products that focus on three targets: the patient, the caregiver and the manager of the healthcare manager. We assist the patient by preserving their safety, autonomy, and dignity, as well as their caregivers by fighting musculoskeletal disorders. As for institutions and governments, we sensitize them to optimum business practices and help them make major savings, keeping in mind three main objectives: dignity, prevention and safety.


My life, my destiny:

"My name is Josée Binette, Head of Revolution Healthcare. I launched this business because of personal life experiences. Let me tell you about it!
In 2003, I was struck by the E-coli bacterium. Young, very sick, bedridden in intensive care, falling into a coma once my kidneys stopped functioning and receiving the last sacrament… until I miraculously came back to life! Back then, I used almost all the equipment I am now selling: lifter, special mattresses, hospital beds, rollators, etc. I went through rehabilitation and learned again how to climb the stairs, hold a fork ... That's why I understand these needs so well. This difficult period of my life taught me that I had a mission. Yet I didn’t understand what it was right away, and had to look out for a way to help our society grow and to live something bigger behind me. Life gave me a second chance and this time I will accomplish something great.
In 2008, I launched my business and named it Revolution Healthcare. At that time I knew exactly what my mission was and that I had come back to revolutionize the healthcare sector. I will bring solutions onto the market by listening and understanding its needs. These solutions are directed at three levels:


In 2013, we were struck by catastrophic situations affecting the elders including those related to falls - such as the story of 84-year-old Cecile Handfields, who died in pain after falling 4 times in the same month. Every elderly person that hurts themselves because of a fall moves me deeply. I understood then that we had to act to provide preventive solutions because Ms. Handfield's story is just one of many. My own grandmother fell and stayed several hours in her own urine on the floor suffering from hypothermia before anyone intervened. She died 6 months later. Everything I have experienced, many people have experienced it as well.
For over 4 years, we invested time and money to develop our very own preventive solution here in Quebec. It tackles falls but also pressure wounds by improving surveillance. Further we are on the lookout for innovations that were created abroad. We have selected a few that we have adapted to our market to fit the problems of the Canadian health sector..
In 2016, the story almost comes to an abrupt end with our bank loan recall... I could not believe or even think that all these efforts, these expenses and this project of society had been in vain. The solution: complete restructuration of the team, wage reduction, some volunteering and long hours to get there. For me, it was out of the question to give up. However, like any entrepreneur, one morning I woke up sad and depressed because everything was playing against us. I asked for answers. Should I give up? I stopped drinking my coffee and laid eyes on the Montreal paper. That’s how I received a sign. On the front page, the story of Mrs. Pearl Malamud Mendelsohn, 90 years old, dying in great pain. She burned following a fall from her bed, stuck between the wall and the heater. My eyes got wet, I knew then that I should not give up and continue my mission to improve the living conditions of all these people. It is a real social problem and it is unacceptable! Old age affects everyone and everybody will reach it. Why not revolutionize healthcare now?
Since then, we have embarked on an important technological journey to bring better equipment and innovative solutions that solve dramatic societal issues affecting our elders, their families, caregivers and the entire healthcare network. This Revolution can succeed, we just have to work together! Let us change our mentality, change our methods and open our hearts."

Josée Binette, Head of Revolution Healthcare