Revolution Healthcare manufactures and distributes its own trademarks but also deals with reliable partners to offer a broad range of products. We negotiate competitive prices with more than 100 suppliers around the world that meet our strict quality standards..


Revergo, the expert in ergonomic equipment

Revolution Healthcare launched its own trademark in 2013 to meet your needs with highly competitive prices. Paying close attention to the market, each of our products has been designed to fit your expectations.


Detexia, a revolutionary solution that prevents falls and wounds

For over 4 years, Revolution Healtcare has been developing a new solution to boost the well-being and the safety of all our loved ones, especially those who find themselves losing their autonomy. It is a comprehensive management system that prevents falls and wounds. It has been fully designed and developed in Canada.. 



Tetcon, a partnership to save lives

We are proud to market the world's fastest evacuation solution: Scape pod, Scape plus and Scape kids! Since 2015, we have developed a partnership with Tecton to ensure the safety of bedridden patients as well as of those suffering a loss of autonomy across Canada. We thank Tetcon for this beautiful international project in which we are part. 

Bod Hezerman from Tetcon states that they "are very pleased with Revolution Healthcare and all of their hard work in bringing safety into healthcare facilities thanks to this emergency evacuation system.".»

Find out more about partnership: Tetcon & Revolution Healthcare



Nano mist Bath, revolutionizing the art of bathing

To revolutionize healthcare equipments, we built a brand new partnership with one of Japan leading innovators. In 2017, we adopted their revolutionary bathing solution to assist people who lost their autonomy. After Japan and Italy, Revolution Healthcare is about to distribute this bathing equipment so Canada will become the third country in the world to benefit from this revolutionary product!p>

MIP, expert on textiles designed for the healthcare industry;

A real trust has been built as we have been distributing the MIP textile solution from the beginning. Revolution Healthcare and MIP inc, work together to provide efficient and affordable quality products.


Alter Éco Santé, the transfer specialist

Revolution Healthcare and Alter Éco Santé both value innovation and patients’ well-being, working on maintaining the autonomy of the elderly and of those with reduced mobility. All the daily handling problems are forgotten thanks to these simple quality products distributed to the Canadian market.


Hedergen, innovation and design made in France

Innovation stands at the heart of Hedergen's strategy. Together we bring quality furniture products to answer seniors’ and patients’ needs across Canada.



Lentex, hygienic-mattress unique surface layer

Lentex is one of our most popular products to fight multi-resistant nosocomial and other infectious diseases. These hygienic and therapeutic mattresses are designed with a unique surface layer laminated to the foam core. Comfort and safety are values we share, which is why Lentex operates in Canada through us.


Asklé Santé, France's leading provider for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

A full range of high-tech products that Revolution Healthcare is committed to marketing in the Canadian market. p>