Exchange our skills for a winning partnership

From building projects to expansions, we provide a complete range of products for your facility.


Partnering with Revolution Healthcare means:

+ Contributing to the well-being and safety by increasing the added value of activities for the patient

+ Providing best business practices to institutions

+ Optimizing caregivers’ time

+ Reducing caregivers’ skeletal disorders

+ Apporter des gains financiers aux établissementsBringing financial gains to institutions



Revolution Healthcare, much more than a medical equipment supplier:

Always attentive to your needs and always on the lookout for innovative products, we assist the development of your facility and the set up of a safe living environment for your patients. Our offer consists of an analysis of your needs, a personalized accompaniment, the delivery and set up, as well as a continuous training and a high-quality after-sales service. Patient, caregiver and facility are our key priorities

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Expertise and Innovation

Since 2008, Révolution Santé has been distinguished by the expertise of a team that controls the entire value chain, from manufacturing to distribution, listening to the needs of our customers. Due to the aging population, the needs to be filled become very important and we see this in the construction of new homes and CHSLDs across Canada. According to the Statistical Institute of Quebec, the province will have close to 2.3 million seniors by 2031, which is double the current ratio.

To meet these major needs, we are providing solutions to contribute to better practices in the healthcare network. Our aim is to propose innovations and bring advanced technology to improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries and the working conditions of the stakeholders. We have a key role as a key prescriber for healthcare professionals.