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We will be at the Civil Security conference on October 17th at Lévis. Risk management is an overriding issue. This conference offers an opportunity to share knowledge and to introduce solutions that aim at protecting the people.

Our elders' safety is our priority!


Revolution Healthcare and its CEO, Josée Binette, take part in the Montreal innovation course. This initiative helps stimulate local SME, including our company.


jbinette parcours innovation

Fundraising for palliative care units

We raised donations on June 17th 2017 for the palliative care unit of the Rose-de-Lima shelter.

These donations will improve the quality of life of patients from the palliative care unit and that of their families.


News and Media

Revolution Healthcare in the press

Our contactless bathing solution attracts attention! This revolutionary solution uses nanotechnology to help patients shower while being comfortably seated in a removable cubicle. Feeling warm and cozy, they enjoy an intimate and relaxing bath.


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The Fire Safety and the Ageing Population, published by the Institute of Safety (IFV) in the Netherlands, clearly states that the S-cape Pod solution is the safest evacuation method for bedridden people.

'In the analysed literature various possibilities are mentioned to improve the escape route….''… Rescuing incapacitated people can be supported with physical aides (...). To be able to take a bedridden resident, including mattress, to a safe environment, there is the S Cape Pod. This rescue mattress is kept permanently under the mattress and in case of an emergency, the evacuation aide can be wrapped around the mattress with the person. The person is wrapped in a cocoon, as it were. A safe evacuation is possible thanks to the thick mattress.' Un rapport de Institute for Safety (IFV) Fire safety and the ageing population 3.2.2. Juin 2016 p 51


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Revolution Healthcare launches a bathing Nano technology - May 30th 2017

For the first time ever in the hygiene industry, we sell a revolutionary product for people losing their autonomy.  


Shower with nanotechnology

The World's Fastest Evacuation Solution  - Juin 2017

Revolution Healthcare focuses on distributing an emergency evacuation cloth, a fast and efficient solution to save lives.


Evacuation solutions 

Montral city and Montreal city and the Quebec governement unveils the 40 SMEs selected for the 2017 edition of the Montreal Innovation SME course -

- December 8th 2016

Revolution Healthcare is proud to have been selected once more for the city innovation course to encourage creativity and innovation towards the development of the SMEs.



Where can you meet us?

Revolution Healthcare regularly attends gatherings, congresses and fairs internationnally and in Canada, to meet and interact with customers and to bring new solutions.

In 2017

+ Civil safety and emergency measures / forthcoming on October 17th 2017 in Lévis

+  ATPIQ Conference / September 14 -15 -16th 2017 in Rivière du loup

Congress of the Quebec Intermediate Accommodation Resource Association (ARIHQ)/ Manoir Richelieu

Introducing the contactless Nano bath


Grampa feeling very comfortable in his new bath

In 2016

+ Reharcare, Düsseldorf, Germany

+ Congress of the Quebec Association of Fire Prevention Technicians

+ Quebec grouping for wound care in Saint Sauveur

+ Showcase in Toronto

+ Annual congress with the ARIHQ (Quebec Intermediate Accomodation Resources Association) in Vaudreuil

+ Caregivers' fare in Trois Rivières

+ Multiple Sclerosis Meeting in Lévis

In 2014-2015

+ Annual FADOQ congress

+ Colloquium of the Quebec Association of Physical Disability Rehabilitation Establishments (AERDPQ)

+ Colloquium at the Montreal University Institute of Geriatrics

+ Annual congress with the ARIHQ (Quebec Intermediate Accomodation Resources Association)

Symposium of the Quebec Association of Nurses in Gerontology (AQIIG)

+ Well-being and autonomy congress, Paris, France

+ Rehacare, Düsseldorf, Germany

+ Wound and Care Meeting in Trois-Rivières


ATPIQ congress - Rivière du loup


Rehacare - Germany


Wound and Care meeting - Trois-Rivières