A turning point in improving the lives of people with loss of autonomy

Our company is specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative, preventive and safe medical products designed to improve the lives of people with a loss of autonomy. The company is both a manufacturer on the international market and a distributor for innovative products on the Canadian market.

Our expertise of  the industry and of our clients' needs can be seen in the quality of our customer service and in our selection of innovative products.

Our mission

We aim to develop, design, adapt and distribute products specialized in prevention. We provide solutions not only for the patient by safeguarding their safety, autonomy and dignity - but also by preventing musculoskeletal disorders for people assisting them. We also offer optimum business practices to institutions and government services.

Our vision 

Our team works on becoming the leader in terms of innovative healthcare technology.

Our values

We encourage constant innovation based on trust, communication and availability.

A full service
Products that are approved and recommanded

As a holder of the LEIM (Establishment License for Medical Devices), our company is authorized to market medical devices in Canada. Recommended by the Association for Occupational Health and Safety in the social affairs sector (ASSTSAS), our sliding sheets are recognized throughout Quebec for their efficiency to prevent personnel's wounds and for offering ergonomic working conditions.