Revolution Healthcare is the proud partner of the Quebec Firefighters Foundation for victims of burns. $5 is donated to this foundation each time a S-Cape-POD emergency evacuation cloth is sold.



Revolution Healthcare regularly takes part in reflection seminars with the Société Alzheimer Rive-Sud.



sage innovation

A beautiful project going on

Sage Innovation and Revolution Healthcare share a common goal: to allow people suffering from a mobility loss to remain autonomous for as long as possible thanks to innovative technologies.

Sage innovation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop technological and social solutions that improve health and quality of life through prevention and the support to the autonomy Our shared values: innovation and improving our elders’ lives. By supporting SMEs in their healthacre innovation project, Sage Innovation not only participates in our country's development and growth, but also in improving the healthcare network Learn more

Together, we work on innovative technologies to revolutionize healthcare, improve our elders’ lives, diminish caregivers’ MSDs and adopt better business practices for managers and institutions.