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Revolutionizing healthcare through advanced innovative solutions!

Innovation is part of our DNA! We focus on the ergonomics, comfort, reliability and safety of our products to satisfy your needs.



Let's work together for a win-win partnership!

Our goals are the same as yours: to reduce risks of falling, infections, pressure ulcers and your stakeholders' musculoskeletal disorders - and above all to improve the quality of the care given to your beneficiaries.

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To thank you, you will get a $50 check for each customer referred who spends more than $500. You only have to log in and send us an order, or contact us at mentioning Reference Program


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Solutions for each of your needs!

We understand our customers' issues and the challenges they face every day. Our products are designed to secure their environment and to improve their daily lives. We also bring optimum solutions to prevent falls and musculoskeletal disorders and to help patients' transfer and positioning while keeping in mind our main objective: To improve healthcare!


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